The Guild Key Principles

Operating structure

The Guild is governed by a community interest company, which holds the lease for the space, and handles member income and outgoings. There is a team of directors/trustees who oversee the operation of the space. The Guild pays full market rent and bills (including business rates) for the space, which is rented on a commercial basis from B&NES council.

The Guild is staffed and operated day to day by a private company by way of a service agreement, and a monthly fee is paid to this company for this service. The team who run The Guild have an agreed set of processes and policies which have been designed to ensure the best possible experience for all of our members.

Changes to policy, strategy or rules tend to be driven by member suggestion or comment, and all are welcomed via our member intranet. We discuss emerging themes with the members during our monthly Town Hall meetings, to which all members are invited, and over time these inform changes to the way we do things.

Guild staff

There is a full time member of staff who manages the space and looks after all 150+ members, but as a not for profit community we ask our members to get involved with activities which help us to run the space day to day, and to keep it secure. This includes filling and emptying the dishwasher, keeping the kitchen/diner clean during the day, ensuring coffee beans are topped up, and making sure windows and doors are closed at the end of the day, particularly after front of house is closed for the evening.

The front of house manager is in charge of opening and closing the space, answering the phone and receiving post, and assisting new and potential members, visitors and room bookers. Where possible they will also let visitors into the space, but this is not guaranteed as a service. They are not employed as a member PA.


Member notices are posted on the Podio system and this is an integral part of participation at The Guild. Members asking for help which is available on Podio will be directed there.


A printer is provided which prints from PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. Members will be assisted with set up for a single machine as part of their induction when they join The Guild. We do not provide technical or IT services.


We provide a fast leased line for all members. Performance may vary according to where the member is sitting, the number of other people using the space at the same time, the member’s machine. Please bear in mind that many other spaces operate using bonded ASDL lines that are 10x slower than ours. The Guild is a workspace and community space first and foremost, and our network is not designed for large numbers of members consuming streaming media/TV at the same time.

Available space

Workspaces are clearly demarcated. Please do not take up more than one space.

Members must be checked in at all times they are in the space, and may not leave their belongings on desks if they check out during the day.


We do not as a rule allow children or infants into the hub during membership hours (unless part of pre - booked room hire/events), but can be flexible in the event of childcare emergency. This isn’t guaranteed and cannot be used regularly but we will do what we can for our members in unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that if you bring your child in to sit with you, this will cause complaints both from members who do not want kids in the space, and upset those who have invested in childcare due to the agreed rules.

Shared facilities

Fridge space is provided for members, but we ask that food is only added that will be consumed regularly. We do not have enough space for bulk purchases or for large items such as soft drinks bottles. The fridges will be cleared out regularly.

Out of hours access

The Guild’s main doors are open from 8.30am until 6pm Mon-Fri. If you want to enter the hub out of hours you will need to use our 24/7 access door, you’ll find this door down the external stairwell (entry by the Guildhall Market entrance). You will need to tap your Membership Card on the grey swipe box to unlock the door. In the basement we only have access to the toilets and bike lockup, so please do not wander off into other rooms.

If you are the last to leave please ensure all windows are closed and the main door is shut behind you.

Please do not ever leave the front door open out of hours, or prop open either of the inner doors to The Guild.


All visitors need to be signed in at The Front of House. You can meet visitors/clients for free in the Front Room so long as you are checked in. You are welcome to show clients and visitors around the hub for a few minutes. If you wish to meet or work with clients/visitors in the main hub space please speak with Front of House (charges may be added). Visitors are subject to the same code of conduct and usage policies as everyone else.


The Guild has its own insurance related to public liability and assets which are owned by the community. Members are responsible for their own insurance requirements and should check their coverage, particularly for item loss or damage.


We have a policy which allows dogs into the space at the discretion of the front of house manager. Dogs must be kept on a lead and kept under or next to the desk where you are working. They must not be left on their own at any time or allowed to roam free. The front of house manager reserves the right to ask you to remove your dog at any time.