Bath Spa University Night Shift residents programme

The Guild is proud to announce that Bath Spa University is kindly sponsoring the new 'Night Shift' residents programme. This programme is designed to appeal to those of you studying who want time and space to design and build digital and online projects either as part of their University studies, or for those part-time side gigs.

The Guild has always been open 24/7 to our paying members, but for the first time we're inviting BSU students to apply for free access to the space and our resources from 7pm to 8am, 365 days a year. You'll not only be working around Guild members who are doing the same thing as you, but get access to our ultra fast fibre web connection, free tea and coffee and a comfortable and cozy working environment. We have quite the subculture of online makers, creators and other doers here at night - from graphic designers working for US clients, to a record label boss(ette) and all manner of coders and wordsmiths who prefer to work late into the night.

If you would like to join them then please apply by heading to our residency application form and choosing "BSU night shift" from the options.

We will reply to you via email and if you're accepted onto the programme we will ask you to come in for an induction and to get your BSU ID card connected to our front door so you can gain access any time you want.

Residency application form


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