Meet and Speak

Meet & Speak Clubs are a supportive space for women to take to their feet and find their voice. We launched in Bristol in February and we are now starting up again in Bath.

In this session, we talk about some of the memorable speeches we’ve seen and heard (historical and recent), and take a turn at re-enacting them. Can speaking someone else’s words and imitating their actions help us forget our nerves (and provide some laughs).

After coffee and cake it’s time to look at how our body language is letting us down. Does the way we sit make us appear small? Can we learn some tiny tweaks to help us appear more confident, assertive and optimistic?

To cover our costs there will be a small charge of £10 per workshop (£5 for students), payable on the night. But, in line with Women's Tech Hub, we will be offering one free place at each workshop for the unwaged. Please message us if you are interested in coming along but for any reason can't afford to pay.

Tickets available here: